Terms and Conditions

While much of this is summarized in plain language in the above sections, please read this section at least once to familiarize yourself with the full legal Terms and Conditions.

0.1 Playing at the casino, whether for fun play or real play constitutes an agreement between the player and the Casino that the player be bound by the following terms and conditions contained herein. The player accepts that this is a binding agreement between the player and the casino and is the sole agreement governing the player's relationship with the casino, to the exclusion of all other agreements, statements, and representations.

0.2 Each clause contained in these terms and conditions shall be separate and severable from each of the others. If any clause is found to be void, invalid, or unenforceable for any reason, the remaining terms and conditions shall remain of full force and effect.

0.3 The following Terms and Conditions govern the use of the CandyLand website and online casino:


1.2 All software and website content found on the CandyLand website is copyrighted by the Casino (the "Licensed Materials"). All Licensed Materials that is presented visually or audibly to the player are for personal use only and remain the intellectual property of the Casino and its licensees. No player shall acquire any right whatsoever to all or any part of the Licensed Materials except the right to use the Licensed Materials in accordance with this Agreement.


2.1 In becoming a member (player) of the casino, you fully understand and agree to abide by all rules, terms, and conditions set forth by the Casino from time to time. It is the Player's responsibility to keep up to date with these rules, terms, and conditions as they are subject to periodic change.

2.2 Players of the casino must be of a minimum 18 years of age. Different jurisdictions carry varying rules pertaining to internet gambling. It is the Player's responsibility to ensure - before registering at the casino and agreeing to these terms and conditions- that they are not violating any rules in the jurisdiction in which they live. Due to the nature of the Internet, it is not always possible for the Casino to limit access to its website to those jurisdictions in which it does business. Services and products described on this website may therefore not be eligible for solicitation in your jurisdiction. If you are accessing this website from such jurisdiction, you should not consider anything on this site as an offer to sell or as a solicitation of an offer to buy any product or service from the Company. This site is for use only by persons residing in jurisdictions where the Casino's products and services may legally be offered.

2.3 In creating an account and becoming a player at the casino, whether for "fun play" or "real play", you guarantee the authenticity and accuracy of all information you submit. If it is determined by the Casino that any information given by the player is false, the Casino reserves the right to suspend a Player's account along with all relating withdrawals. The account will remain suspended until the Casino has determined in its sole discretion that the Player's information was authentic and accurate.

2.4 The Casino has the discretion to decline membership to any applicant who has a history of bonus abuse, credit card fraud or charge back history at other casinos.

2.5 In placing wagers at the casino, the player realizes that this is their voluntary involvement and is equal to gambling. Participation carries the risk of losing money and the Casino shall under no circumstances be liable for any losses or damages whatsoever incurred by the Player in connection with the Player's use of the casino.

2.6 Using electronic, mechanical, robotic, or other devices to automatically make playing decisions is resolutely forbidden. If it is detected by the Casino that a player has violated this term, action may and will be taken including banning the player from future promotions and/or play, confiscating of net winnings, and offering of such information to a casino industry database of "restricted players".

2.7 By playing any game at the casino, the player warrants that the player is familiar with the rules of such game and acknowledges that the rules of each game are available through using the "help" facility at the casino.


3.1 The Casino permits only one casino account per household.  

3.2 It is the responsibility of the player to keep confidential their account number and password. It is understood that having any third party involved in a Player's online casino account is a violation of this agreement. The player assumes full responsibility and agrees not to hold the Casino liable for any losses or damages resulting from the Player's failure to keep his account number and password confidential.

3.3 In providing their email address upon registration, the player agrees to receive occasional email correspondence at that address, you can easily unsubscribe at any time.  


4.0 When withdrawing winnings from free bonuses, if you have no prior deposits on the casino. You need to deposit the same amount you wish to withdraw. Then the balance must be wagered at least one time on slots only This is done to prevent any bonus abuse, scammers or fraud rings looking to cash out on free bonuses.
-matching deposit must be straight depoposit no bonus claimed-

4.1 The casino reserves the right to request documentation for the purpose of identity verification prior to granting any deposits with or withdrawals from the player's casino account.  

4.2 Any deposit made by the Player must be wagered at least once before a withdrawal can be requested unless otherwise noted.

4.3 It is our goal to pay approved payments within 1 to 7 Business days.   

4.4 Most withdrawals will require an approval period of at least 24 hours. For accounts that require further investigation longer approval times may occur. For VIPs and loyal players, these times can be significantly reduced.

4.5 The minimum withdrawal amount at the casino is $25 (€, £, Rx10).

4.6  Clients that deposit with no bonus are eligible for $10,000 in withdrawals weekly.

4.7 Players maintain sole responsibility for all processing fees on withdrawals.

4.8 Winnings can and will be voided if the winning player's account is found to be using a VPN service, IP masking, or IP altering software.

4.9 If the casino suspects that a player is an advantage player, either by using software or any other method used to beat the casino and/or abuse promotions, the account will be banned and all balances/winnings may be void.

4.01 The casino reserves the right to use your first name and first initial of your surname (e.g. John S.) in any casino announcement regarding winning results.

4.11  A Player account will be classed ‘inactive’ if no activity (including logging in/out) occurs after six (6) successive months. A player will be notified that his/her account is due to become inactive no less than thirty (30) days before it is to become inactive.

4.12  The casino can and will ask for identity verification via video conference.

The casino reserves the right to confiscate any balance or pending cash out for the following reasons:
If the casino finds evidence to suggest that you have more than one active account with the casino.
If the name on your casino account does not match the name on the credit card that was used to make a deposit to that account.
If you participate in a Casino promotion and withdrawal before fulfilling the requirements of that promotion.
If you provide incorrect or misleading account or identification information
If you fail to do a video conference call for identity verification.
If you are not of legal age.
If another person is using your casino account, whether with your consent or without.
If you are linked to fraudulent activity, suspect of cheating, playing as part of a syndicate or make use of malicious software, computers or systems designed to cheat the casino.
If you have exercised fraudulent behavior including but not limited to multiple accounts, chargebacks at other Rival casino(s).
If you have been creating multiple accounts to abuse the "No Deposit" offers in order to meet wagering requirements and cash out on the free bonus.

4.13a   If observations of your playing pattern suggest that you are attempting to cheat the casino by systematically using bonuses to gain a mathematical edge over the casino for profit, the casino reserve the right to ban the player from all future promotions or bonus offers.

Winnings will be voided in the event the player is found: -Delaying game rounds in any game, including free spins and bonus features, to a later time when the player has no wagering requirements. -Leaving large bets on the table, for example, in blackjack, and returning to the game after bonus wagering requirements have been completed. -Playing games with bonus money to build up in-game value, lose the bonus funds, and then cash out on the built-up value during real-money play -Using strategies that take advantage of any software bug or failure.


5.1 Player's personal information that was used to register at the casino will be used for the following purposes:

To determine the validity of a player's identity and verify activity under that name.


6.1 Due to fraud risk, players from some countries will have different bonus eligibility and playthrough requirements than the standard ones. If welcome bonuses are not available upon creating your account, your country may be restricted to no deposit bonuses.

6.2 All promotions offered by the casino are only valid for the period specified in the promotional offer.

6.3 The maximum bet allowed whilst the welcome bonus, cash back  or any bonus is in play, is 10$. Should you bet higher than this while the bonus is in play, we reserve the right to reset the bonus. .

6.2 Promotions can only be claimed on the latest deposit. if the player chooses to not claim a promotion he won't be eligible to claim it at a later time.

6.2.1 Jackpot slots can only be played with real money, it is not allowed to use Progressive or Jackpot Slots with an active Match or Spin bonus.

6.5 Wagering for promotion begins being tracked after the promotion has been added to the player's account.

6.6 Promotions offered to specific account holders may not be transferred to any other account holder and must be redeemed within the allotted time.

6.6 Bonus money is always non-cashable on deposit match promotions unless otherwise stated.

6.7 If no previous deposit has been made, a minimum deposit of $50 (€, £, Rx10) is required to verify an account holder's personal information before any withdrawal is made.

6.8 Withdrawals of funds earned from Free Chips or any other No-Deposit type of promotion can be reversed and placed back into a player's account at their request, but the maximum cash out amount on these funds remains the same as on the original promotion.

6.9 The maximum redemption amount that players can obtain due to winnings made from comp points money is 100x the claimed comp amount.

6.10 All free chips, free spins or free bonuses must be followed with a deposit before trying to cash out with another free bonus.
Cashing out from consecutive no deposit bonuses is not allowed and a matching deposit of the withdrawal request amount will be needed. Not doing so will result in your winnings being held until this clause has been met.

6.11 Any additional deposits made during promotional play will be bound to the terms of the 'active' bonus. An 'active' bonus is defined as a bonus that the player has claimed and has not yet completed by either bringing their account balance to exactly $0.00 (€, £, Rx10) or by cashing out winnings after completing the bonus requirements.

6.12 Promotions are offered to players to reward loyalty and provide more playtime for each deposit. This is a business however and If it is determined that a player is taking advantage of promotions to gain a calculated edge over the casino the ability to claim promotions will be removed and any promotional money, cash out, or balance gained while using a promotion may also be removed leaving only the players original deposit in the account.

6.13 Zero risk wagering (i.e. betting on both odd and even in roulette) is not allowed while playing with active promotion. Players who make zero risk bets while a promotion is active may have their wagering requirements not counted towards the progress. 

6.14 Players will not earn reward points on play resulting from a free money bonus such as cash backs or free chips.

6.15 Players must request match promotions prior to depositing. Should a player forget, they may contact customer service for an exemption however there is no guarantee that the promotion will be added. If the playable balance reaches below 50% of the deposit amount client is no longer qualified to claim a match bonus on the latest deposit.

6.16 It is solely the player's responsibility to determine promotion eligibility prior to depositing. Should a player be disqualified from promotions yet deposit, regardless of any claim of ignorance, they agree to the following term - No withdrawals shall be made until any deposited funds have been played through at least one (1) time.

6.17 The player may request a review of their account for promotion eligibility should they be denied promotions, but the casino's decision will be final. Promotional eligibility is constantly monitored and may change over time. Promotional eligibility will not be changed retroactively to deny withdrawals unless the casino has determined that the player has attempted to defraud the casino by methods outlined previously.

6.18 The minimum withdrawal amount for all account holders at the casino is $25 (€, £, Rx10).

6.19 The casino reserves the right to deny all withdrawals, made from deposits that resulted in a chargeback.

6.20 The casino reserves the right to request identity verification documents and or purchase agreement forms prior to processing any withdrawal. The player will be notified by email as to which documents are required, with instructions for said documents therein.

6.21 The casino reserves the right to withdraw or amend any offer or promotion at any given time or without prior notice.

6.22 The casino reserves, in rare circumstances and at its discretion, to modify posted withdrawal processing times to clear an account for possible fraudulent activity.

6.23 One single bonus is allowed once per successful deposit. Each bonus must be claimed and activated in the "Claim Promotions" area.

6.24 CandyLand Casino offers Cashback Rewards that can be claimed on each deposit made, once. The Cash Back comes with a 35x Wagering Requirement. The Max Cashout is the total deposit amount from the deposit the Cash Back was claimed from.

Last updated on Dec/14/2022